Body of teachers 2018 (info RyM2019 will be available soon)

CF nowe
Hector Oviedo Abreu
Hector Oviedo Abreu on board 4th Rumba y Manana! Of course! We could not do it without him. Without him, RyM wouldn’t be what it is.

Probably you know Hector well, if not from his outstanding classes on festivals around the world (literally), than from legendary videos of Yoruba Andabo, with whom he performed for a couple of years.

He is one of the most outstanding personas of the afro-cuban world. And he is absolutely one of the very best teachers!

He is all the support you need to learn afro-cuban; he will guide you through the most difficult steps in the most gentle way.

He will show you the rythym. He will play for you on the congas, and he will sing along, so you can feel all the flavor!

And with us he is rethinking the way of teaching to make it more easy, more comprehensive and more fun! Especially for Rumba y Manana he designed the class Coordinacion & Variacion (rumba), which you loved. Literally everyone who was in that class, commented on how great it was!

And after all he will go for the party and do some reggaeton animations 😉
Because pure cuban soul is all about having fun!
And we will have fun with him this time as well!
He is a BIG part of Rumba y Manana. So he cannot be missed!
Please welcome him again!

Lianette Granados
Lianette has been with us from the very first edition of Rumba y Manana in 2015.
And actually even earlier in fact, as she had stolen our hearts at Tirate un Paso 2014, when she disclosed few interesting facts about the afro-cuban dancing. The facts, that not many know about and not many teach them.

Her afro-cuban animations at our reggaeton party have raised the crowds and this way she’s won her place at our body of teachers’ for Rumba y Manana. She’s coming to Cracow on our invitation already for the 5th time and it’s been 5 times in a row!

Lianette knows what, how and why should be danced in the afro-cuban tradition. And she likes to share this knowledge. This is something very distinguishing about her. When asked, she will give you full and complete answer starting from the very beginnig.

Her knowledge is a result of her studies at professional dance schools in Havana as well as her true passion for the cuban culture. Not only does she know and dances it, she also practices it, as she is a Santera.

Her classes are winning true fans very quickly. Lianette has a great charisma and great metodology. She explaines the movements very well and she can tell stories about its origin. She moves people in her classes. There are students who didn’t miss any of her classes at previous edtions.

Well, she is a true creme -de-la-creme of the afro-cuban dance scene, and we love to bring you people who bring real quality rather than fame only!

Feel invited to all her classes at RyM 4 – they will be a true feast as always!


Julio Napoles
Dancer of the new cuban generation. Young and furious. Well, not very much furious, as he is a very warm and kind person, but he does have some super-powers. Dancer. Percussionist. Cantante. He is a personification of our 4 main aspects, as he has some Manana as well.

Apart from great dance classes, some hints about the rythyms and call and response Yoruba songs, you can obviously dance some salsa with him. Or Casino. According to your preferences. He does it all. Including some more modern rythyms, but this will be a different story.

Julio graduated from ENA (Escuela Nacional del Arte) and danced in the prestigeous Conjunto Folclorico Nacional de Cuba, which is the best afro-cuban dance company in Cuba. He was on tour with the company throughout the world a few times, until when he decided to check out colder days of Finland and settled down there. He has been giving classes in Europe for a few years now and his first time in Poland was on 3rd Rumba y Manana. We are very happy to host him again.

His classes are a true feast; dynamic, energetic, complex and full of value.
As apart from his formal dance education, Julio puts into his classes his second vocation – babalawo.
Where there are any doubts, the best thing is to ask a babalawo.

Profesora. La profesora.
She is a true teacher dedicated to learning afro-cuban dances. It’s her passion, it’s her devotion.
She plays the bata drums. Like that. Like it’s a piece of cake. She can actually play all the toques needed in the class. She knows all the melodies the rythyms played. She’s been raised with them. She studied them. She dances them.

She graduated from the folcloric specialization at ISA (Instituto Superior del Arte), which is cuban university of arts. It’s the higest education in dance one can achieve.
And she knows all the beautiful tricks for female Orishas. She’s thaught us some. She will teach you as well.

She was a part of the Ban Rara group which popularizes the afro-haitan dances. It’s her most favourite style in all cuban dances and she is passionate to popularize it, so you will get a great chance to discover with her another beautiful part of Cuban tradition, yet not very well know.

We’re very happy to be hosting her again in Poland.
After last Manana, she became the favourite teacher of those, who really want to learn.


You know already our Body of Teachers 2018 and you may have seen already the full class schedule on our leaflets on different events. It’s all well planned now, but we’ve decided to make it even better and bring in more fantastic teachers!
We’re bringing Yorgenis Danger Garcia, who couldn’t make it last year to RyM. Yoyo is a teacher we know well for a very very long time now and throught the years he’s been always an amazing source of knowledge, skills and energy. He’s happy to help and loves teaching.
We’re sure that he will bring even more quality stuff and great fun to Manana 2018.
He’s on. Are you on?
As we have far more ideas that we can implement just now, and they are too good to be left outside, we’ve growing The Body of Teachers this year! And we’ve got tremendous pleasure to annouce Yusimi Moya Rodriguez as one of our artist.
We’ve fallen in love with her already couple of years back, when Ania Zajac was teaching at cubaila viena.
She is the essence of good vibes, positive attitude and pure joy of dance and life! Her classes are pure happiness. She teaches as she lives: joyful and positive.
But the most important thing is that she really does what she teaches: spreads the knowledge, skills and motivation.
When she was a guest soloist in the Ochun show of cracov Manana team, she gave us sooo much good vibes, that dancing that very show was the biggest pleasure ever. Really.
Come to Manana and join her classes to see how you can get inspired and motivated by her spirit. It’s worth it. Yusi makes a difference.

Eryk Januszyk
Without discussion the best polish cuban dancer!
He has been prooving it already many times winning all columbia contests he took part in (Strasbourg 2015, Guaguanco 2014). He won Primavera Salsa Open in couple and in Rueda de Casino. He is winning hearts of dancers all over Europe for his style of dance, way of being and way of teaching. And he teaches all over Europe at the best festivals and events!

His clases are always ambitious, metodic and simply interesting.
He combines huge dance knowledge with music knowledge. The dance repertoire he uses is made of all the dance styles from Cuba and not only Cuba. Starting with Cuban folklore: rumba, bailes populares, bailes de salon, bailes campesinos, ending with reggaeton or timba. Knowledge of so many dance techniques lets him combining them in a harmonious way expressing his creativity at the same time!.

Eryk knows how to pass on the passion for Cuban culture and teach the movement. He pays great attention to dance awareness; precision of movements, understanding the intention of the gestures and its emotional expression. Most importantly he wants to teach his students getting joy out of each dance moment. His motto is „quality over quantity”

Eryk wins his live with his dance. The only time he actually lost was on the stage in „La Culpa” (2013, the biggest polish cuban dance theather performance, choreographed by Ania Zajac). He did this stylish too. Then without his famous beard.

Ania Zając
Dancer with 30 years of experience. Maybe she doesn’t look like, but it’s true.
Passionate about cuban rumba and afro.
Serial monogamist in dance: she had long relationships with the ballroom dances and with the contemporary dance. She had also some affairs with flamenco and argentinian tango. Recently in stable and happy relationship with the afro-cuban dances. The youngest child of this marriage is Rumba y Manana.

Cuban dances of salsa, rueda de casino, suelta Ania has been learning from 2006. During her first international salsa congress in Munich, Jurek Sałamun from Salsa Bielsko said about her: „She will be a rumba dancer”. How did you know it, Jurek?

Rumba has actually become one of her most important teachers of movement, dance, fun and life. Because rumba is life.

Ania dances rumba and afro with passion and spreads this passion around.
She has created 3 rumba shows and a couple of afro ones. On top of that she created a full performance of dance theather based on cuban dance techniques „La Culpa”. It’s first such performance in Poland.

Her students appreciate her way of teaching for the methodology and approach. She teached solid bases with no bluff. She pays great attention to dance techinque and freedom in movement. She can decompose the most complex move into small pieces. She shows that what seems difficult can be easy in fact. And sometimes it’s the other way round.
She doesn’t approve of shortcuts. She can translate from cuban to polish. Not only words, but also culture and what’s most important: movement.

Ania is recognized in Poland and abroad. She likes teaching and loves to see the progress with her students. She believes that dance is so much more than just a move. She also believes that the world will be a better place, if people dance more. Her mission is to promote rumba and afro-cuban dances.


Viaje al Tambor
Viaje al Tambor is a group of afro – cuban music lovers. They are playing the traditional percussion instruments of cuban people of african origins for a couple of years now.

Their repertoir are dance music such as: rumba, comparsa, yesa, pilon, merengue, palo as well as the bata drums rythyms for orishas.

Fascinated by the richness of cuban folklore they aim to promote it and spread the knowledge about it. During the past few years of drumming they’ve worked out a very strong place in the afro-cuban scene in Poland.

They’ve had opportunity and pleasure to accompany to dance classes of many great teachers. They are so good in it, theat they are winning the appreciation of artists working with them. Cuban dancers value them for their professional approach and constant will to develop.

They are keen to play the music spontaneously. They are also keen to share their knowledge. Feel free to ask them about any rythym, how is it constructed and discover what is happening in it.

The group are 3 people: Anika Zbyszek and Stefan.
Each of them has their own rich world of traditional music, as they are part of various bands playing the rythyms of the world.

Imagine lazy sunday morning. It’s May. 11.00am.
You’re coming slowly into your afro-cuban dance classes, that are just about to start. You can hear the live music much earlier before actually entering the room.
You enjoy the harmony of bata drums. It’s like a balm to your ears and only after you see who’s playing it. Now you see a shirtless half naked spanish type of guy making live music all by himself…
Does it sound too good to be true?
Well, it actually happened on our last edition of RyM 2017!
Girls were coming to us to comment on the percussionist!

And the funny part is that we didn’t even invite him. He just came to enjoy Manana’s workshops and play along.
Thanks to him we had live music in two rooms! Along with Hector and Eryk and sometimes even Ania he did what he loves! He played afro-cuban rythyms on the workshops making our Manana experience even better.

So we couldn’t do otherwise, but had to invite him to play along this time as well.
We don’t know which room he will be playing at yet, as having two rooms with live music (which has NOT happened in Poland before we did it on Manana 2017!) we’ll have to do some hard negotiations, as everyone wants to play what they love most! And usually it’s bata!

Ok, enough fooling around, let’s get a bit more serious.

Adrian is a keen conguero and batalero. He didn’t study at the ENA, but anyway he learned to play those insturments as he loved the rythyms. He is the leader of a group of percussionists from Valencia, Spain called Timbalencia. They didn’t really play nowhere important so far… well, apart from the splendid event of Guaguanco Festival in Barcelona. They have earned their way to play along the best cuban musicians there. We’re super proud and happy Adrian is coming to make music at Manana 2018.
And we bet some of you are at least as much happy as we are.
Bring your art on, Adrian. Bring it on, babe! We’re ready.


Julio Molina
Guys, we have already on board 8 great instructors, 4 great musicians, 3 tematic rooms, 2 rooms with live music, live music concert in the old town… 3 days of classes, beginners, advanced and masterclass module… we’re running a Manana Academy, where you can learn all about Orishas online, in your own time and for free! Do you think there’s nothing we can do to make Manana even better? Well, not quite.
We’ve decided to bring one more awesome person to join Manana Team. Julio Molina Perez
He is a great musician, singer and dancer in one. He truly is all of that. But as you cannot do all those 3 things at the same time (no, you cannot, there are some limitations) we’ve decided to make use of his awesome music skills this time.
We know him for years now, he firstly appeared in Poland at the famous FESTIVAL CUBANO – POLAND as a dancer. He danced a beautiful afro show and thought some classes. Then we met him at the famous Festival Internacional de Guaguancó Afro-Cubano in Barcelona as a singer and musician. Then Ania Zajac had the fantastic priviledge to conduct her advanced Oya class with Julio as the lead vocal and lead musician at this year’s Calle de Timberos – 100% Cuban Festival (Michał Kijowski THANK YOU for that! It was invaluable and truly awesome experience). And then Julio said he wants to work with us at Rumba y Manana // Afro-Cuban Festival in Cracow. So again, we couldn’t do otherwise, but to invite him along! He’s gonna do the cantos in our classes, so that you have a true inspiration to follow up. He’s also gonna sing the concert at the Old Town!!!
If you know Julio, you know he’s a very modest person with great resources and great skills. He’s open and cheerful personality and he also dances along salsa on the parties, so ladies, you will get one more awesome dancer to dance with!
We’re super excited to have him on board! And hope you are as well.